I now function primarily as an educator. I am an adjunct instructor for Game Development at Austin Community College (ACC) and also an adjunct instructor for Game Art and Design at the Art Institute of Austin. This area of my web site is devoted to materials that will assist in teaching my various courses- and it will constantly change and evolve as those courses do. This is a photo of me in my academic robes at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh graduation ceremony.

acc Current ACC course resources

GAME-2376-001Video Game Production: M/W, 12 noon - 2:40 PM; 22 Jan - 19 May

GAME-2338-001 Game Testing: M/W, 3 PM - 5:40 PM; 22 Jan - 19 May

AiA log Current AiA course resources

GAD100 Introduction to Game Development: Tue, 1 PM - 5 PM; 1 Apr - 15 Jun

Scrum articles on the Web:

Agile principles

Intro to SCRUM from Clinton Keith, High Moon studios

Waterfall vs SCRUM article in gamasutra

SCRUM experience at Large Animal

SCRUM top 10 pitfalls

SCRUM and contracts in gamasutra


A really good book on Scrum for game development:
Agile Game Development with Scrum; Clinton Keith; Addison-Wesley, Pearson Education; 2010; ISBN 0-321-61852-1

Some AIPOD course resources

I was a full-time instructor at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division for 13 years, until its recent untimely demise. Above are some resources for the portfolio courses I taught there.

We had a table at the Pittsburgh student portfolio show in June, where we represented our online students. The monitor on the left is running a continuous loop reel of MAA student work and the monitor on the right has GAD work. The laptop in the middle is for accessing the student portfolio sites listed above.