Dissociative Identity Disorder as a Model for

Distributed Subjectivity in Cyberspace

Why Dissociative Identity Disorder?

Here is a paper describing building the virtual world, as well as the theory behind it.

About LegionWorld, a 3D avatar virtual world which demonstrates the concept of multiple personality.

Download the Sony Community Place VRML Browser.

Coming soon! Download LegionWorld.

The Universal Solvent Rant!

More Legion screen shots.


LegionWorld Avatars


"Gruff", the Defensive/angry avatar "Perky," the Engaged/happy avatar "Shy", the Disengaged/morose avatar


The Legion Project Team:


Vernon Reed

Bart Landry

World Design, Music
Tom Ivey

World Design, Avatar Design

This is a project of the Advanced Communication Technologies Laboratory (ACTLab), Sandy Stone, Director

Comments to vreed@actlab.utexas.edu